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What is Mobivogue used for?

Mobivogue turns your eCommerce business into no-code native mobile apps; with no monthly subscription, limitless components and customization of already given theme. With the help of Mobivogue app, you can easily build app both for iOS and Android phone users.

What are the requirements to use Mobivogue?

Mobivogue currently supports ecommerce stores built on Shopify only.

How can I check free demo?

There is option in the app as well to check demo for your store before selecting one time subscription and we are also providing on call demo as per early request from the site.

What is your pricing policy?

I do not have an e-commerce website. Can I still use Mobivogue to build a mobile app?

No, you can only use this app if your e-commerce store in shopify.

How do I launch my mobile app on the Google Play Store?

To launch your Android app, you will just need the‍ Google Android Account ($25 lifetime fee)

Which payment providers does Mobivogue support?

We support all shopify standard payment processors within the mobivogue one-step native checkout.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is an instant message sent directly to your app user's mobile device whether its android user or IOS user.

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